What’s the Fact-to-Finger Technique?

The Fact-to-Finger technique is a way to involve another sense (touching) in making sure you actually notice what is in front of you.


Using the Fact-to-Finger Technique to Catch Your Own Errors

When you first make a list of what you plan to cover, you need to be sure you are accurate. It can be difficult to make you brain concentrate and notice that the source is saying something different from you expected, so this method can help you focus and look at the source in a fresh way.


You can catch your own errors with the simple act of placing one finger on the fact in your source and another finger on the reminder that you listed.


Caution: If you cannot touch the fact (if it is not there), do not say it.


Turn to the page of the source that you say

you are using












 Fact about Reminder 1





List of reminders on each fact you plan to cover for a essay you may have to write


Reminder 1 p. 21.

Reminder 2. p. 25

Reminder 3 p. 55

Reminder 4 p. 56

Compare your understanding

of the fact with

the textbook.















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