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Videos about Learning

How things fit together in the course to help you

Introduction to Course Home and Course Menu

This is an introduction to what you see when you come into the course. It covers the top section of Course Menu and the basics of:

  • How Units work
  • What Forums can do for you.


How On Units and how you can know every essay question and every objective question from the beginning of the Unit


How ALL Units Are Organized

This shows you how Units can help you learn history—and save time.  Unit 1, Unit 2, and Unit 3 are ALL organized in the same way. Using the Units, you know at the beginning of the Unit ALL possible essay questions and ALL possible objective questions for the exam that ends the Unit.

How to use Reading Quizzes as a personal coach for what you need to learn

The Power of Reading Quizzes

This shows you why and how Reading Quizzes help you meet the challenge of freshman college history. It includes how Reading Quizzes as a link work:

  • With the online quiz that shows the answers
  • With Forums

How to see history—especially history that is confusing you

How the Videos Can Help You Learn History

This shows how to find the historical video you need to learn history. Videos are available in Unit 1, Unit 2, and Unit 3.

Videos about Using Forums to Learn and to Help Each Other Work Efficiently


Things You Can Post for Points in the Forum

YouTube Video that Shows You Steps and Examples

Missed a question and you can’t find the information in the textbook

How to post when you missed a reading quiz question and need to know where to look in the textbook

You missed a reading quiz question and need to know where to look in the textbook

Know where another student can find the information in the textbook

How to reply and tell another student where to look in the textbook

Notice that you are saying the chapter # and the heading where the content is located in the textbook—not page numbers.


Why make students spend money for a new book when an old one can work as long as we talk about chapter #s and headings?

Need help with a concept—some background information so a question or an essay question makes sense

How to ask for general help with a concept


Need to know where to find information for an essay question

Copy the essay question or term from the possible essay questions for a unit




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