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How and Why to Use the History FAQs

If you have a question or canít find information in our textbook quickly (usually by using the index at the back of the book), then try the resources first:

1.       If you canít find the section from the textbook on the Reading Quiz question, try the link to All Possible Reading Quiz Questions (at the top of the folder for that Reading Quiz).

2.       If you canít understand how some facts fit together, try the link to Resources for this Reading Quiz (at the middle of the folder for that Reading Quiz)

3.       If you canít find what to read for an essay question, check the link for those questions to see if your instructor provided tips on where to locate the information (the second link at the top when you first click on the Unit )


If none of those resources help you or you canít find what you need quickly (and I want you to be able to read and work quickly), email me in Blackboard. I will add the information here. That way everyone can use it.





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