Unit 1:  From New World to New Empires - the 16th Century to 1763


What’s in Unit 1?

Unit 1 covers an extraordinary period that is much talked about, but very superficially with emotional arguments seldom grounded in facts. Our Foundations in Europe include feudalism, theocracy and religious wars and persecution, and servitude (slavery and serfdom) based not on race but class or having been a defeated power. We are initially a European people located in a world that is new to us and we try to remake that world—and its inhabitants—to match our past.


We are transformed in this period. In United States history, the focus is on the English colonies in North America. We focus on:

Tip: It is both truth and exaggeration to say the traits that led to the American Civil War began over two hundred years before 1860.


Finally, we look at the English colonies in the context of international struggle for empire. About 1763, we examine for the first time how the English colonists were simultaneously:

What Are the Topics Covered within Unit 1?

You cover within this Unit three topics (each in a separate folder with a link to all possible questions in its Reading Quiz, a link to resources, and the online quiz itself) The three topics are:



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