Unit 2:  From Making a Revolution to Making a Nation -1763 to 1830s


What’s in Unit 2?

This period covers the transformations:

What Are the Periods Covered within Unit 2?

You cover within this Unit’s three periods:


Organization of Unit 1, Unit 2, and Unit 3 (ALL organized in the same way)

Using the Units, you know at the beginning of the Unit ALL possible essay questions and ALL possible objective questions for the exam that ends the Unit.

Top of each Unit:

  • A link to an overview (like this one)
  • A link to all possible essay questions for the Unit exam


Middle of each Unit:

  • 3 folders, each with content for about one-third of the time period covered by the Unit and each with


Bottom of the Unit:

  • A folder containing videos for the Unit
  • A folder containing the two parts of the exam that end each Unit



Organization of Each Folder in a Unit

Top of with content to help you:

  • A link to all possible objective questions for this content
  • A link to resources and references to help save you time with this content
  • If applicable to the content, other resources such as maps


Bottom with work you do:

  • The versions of the Reading Quiz for this content
    • One so you can check your knowledge before you read–and get full extra credit of 3 points whether you miss none or all of the questions.
    • One so you can test yourself as many times as you wish
    • One so you can earn the 10 points for the quiz and confirm that you have learned the basic facts
  • The Video assignment for the content


     The only work outside of the Unit are the optional, extra credit Study Groups to help you read efficiently.
     You find the Study Groups by clicking on Discussions (on the Course Menu on the left).




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