Syllabus and Course Schedule – Downloadable and a Version That Works Like Clickable FAQs



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Two Ways to Use the Syllabus

This link offers two ways to use your syllabus. Both versions of the syllabus end in the Course Schedule. If you need help, just ask.


1. Printable Syllabus

If you prefer a traditional syllabus that is printable in six pages, click here. The traditional version PDF of the syllabus begins with the standard WCJC cover page, including disability information, and it ends with the Course Schedule in 1 page. Because it is a PDF, once you click, you will see the icon for saving the PDF to your computer.


Some students have found this YouTube Video helpful in using any instruction (including a syllabus).Your Instructor’s YouTube Video on How to Use a Syllabus (or any instructions that you have to follow correctly)

This covers how to mark a syllabus (or any instruction that you have to follow correctly) so you can succeed in doing what it requires. It also covers tips on using a syllabus with your calendar.


2. Syllabus with a Clickable Table of Contents That Works Like Clickable FAQs

Click here for this form of syllabus. This is not suitable for printing.



Course Schedule

You can click on the Course Schedule (the schedule ending the Syllabus):

§  Here

§  On the Course Menu in the section for Course Communications


If the Course Schedule Needs to be Updated

If the Course Schedule must change (hurricanes and power outages happen), I will update it only in the separate Course Schedule, not at the end of the syllabus.


If events mean we have to update the Course Schedule, I will do two things:

1.    Mark any changed dates in color so you can tell what has changed.

2.    Post an Announcement saying the Course Schedule is now changed.




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