Chapter 2: Introduction and How to Use Its Quizzes to Save Time in Learning

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Title of Chapter 2: England and Its American Colonies, 1607–1732


InQuizitive’s Focus on What You Should Be Able to Do After You Finish Chapter 2:

1. Identify the economic, religious, and political motivations for the establishment of England’s diverse American colonies.

2. Describe the political, economic, social, and religious characteristics of English colonies in the Chesapeake region, the Carolinas, the Middle Colonies, and New England prior to 1700.

3. Analyze the ways by which English colonists and Native Americans adapted to each other’s presence.

4. Analyze the role of indentured servants and the development of slavery in colonial America.

5. Explain how the English colonies became the most populous, prosperous, and powerful region in North America by 1700.


The Instructor’s Quiz for Chapter 2 to Help You with the Colonies and 3 Sections

How to Use InQuizitive and the Instructor’s Map Quiz to Save Time in Learning

InQuizitive is an interactive learning resource that you can stop and start if needed.  You use both InQuizitive and the Instructor’s quiz multiple times, with the highest score counting. 


You will need to know the sections and colonies shown in the Map Quiz throughout Unit 1.


You can use Chapter 1 InQuizitive:

  1. At the beginning to determine what you know and don't know so you can work efficiently
  2. As you read and use resources to be sure you are understanding correctly (and to improve your score)
  3. When you are about to take the Unit Exam to refresh your memory




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