Part A: Foundations (Where We Began) and Colonization: Spain, France, England, and the Netherlands Chapters 1, 2



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What is self-testing and how can it help you?




         Without answers for self-testing: What Were the Broad Patterns in Religion with Consequences on the English Colonies?
With answers for observing patterns:
Comparison with Answers. (Optional: content in the 4th column of the table as a hierarchical chart)

Purpose of This Link:

  Notice the differences between the religions on their Major Beliefs and on their Organization.

  Which religious groups go to the English colonies and to what part of those English colonies?

         Background for colonization: Click here for sections of our textbook that cover attempts to establish feudalism and serfdom in the colonies.

         Without answers for self-testing: Major Issues in Colonization: Comparing Spain, France, England, and the Netherlands
With answers for observing patterns:
Completed Table Comparing Spain, France, England, and the Netherlands

Purpose of This Link: We are not covering all of these things. You are looking for these patterns:

         Notice how feudalism is attempted by these nations.

         Notice the role of religion in some of their relationships with the Native Americans (such as the Spanish and the French, but not so much with the English).

         Notice the wars of religion.
Notice how the Spanish begin the 1500s with gold and with great success, but notice how the shift in power is to nations with markets (furs and the slave trade).
- Notice how the nation states shift to colonization.






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