Links from Your Instructor for Chapter 6

Most links place historical facts in a table so you can easily compare them. You are not memorizing all of the facts placed in these tables. Instead, you are using those facts to notice changes and patterns. To help you, most links provide tips on what to notice.

         Major Issues in Development of the Constitution.

         What caused the Constitution to cover what it covers?

         What are the major issues in its design?

         What do we keep from the past, especially the Northwest Ordinances (what they are and why they matter so much to what America becomes)


         Study Tool: Chronological Events of the New Republic

         How was the course of the nation set by early financial policies?

         How was the course of the nation set by the initial organization of government?

         How was the course of the nation set by foreign policy external to the United States?


Optional Reference (But Applicable to All of the Remaining Content in the Module):




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