Unit 2: From Making a Revolution to Making a Nation – 1776 to 1830s

Overview and a Checklist for Success

Overview: What the Title Tells You about This Unit

We begin with the very slow transformation from provincial America to revolutionary America.


We end with the nation spreading west and uniting over gaining land and feeling nationalist and with the regions of states becoming divided over whether that will have:

·         Planters and large plantations with African slaves

·         Yeoman farmers working the land with their children.


We also end with:

·         What has become a North that has greater population, education, and prosperity for the many with a distaste for slavery moving into their region

·         What has become a South that has fewer people, less education, and prosperity only for the minority of great planters.

Resources in Unit 2 and How to Use Them to Learn (and to Make a Good Grade on the Unit Exam)

This section repeats the information from the Overview for the prior Unit.

If You Want a Resource, The Brief American Pageant, Chapters 7-14

Lessons in Blackboard’s Unit

The Unit consists of Lessons 1-4.

Learning Quizzes in Blackboard’s Unit 2

When you see a folder labeled Learning Quiz, you do these things.

1.        In the Self-Test, use the password selftest (no spaces, no capital letters, and no punctuation).
Tip: Self-Tests do not count against you. They are a tiny (.01) extra credit.

2.        Without any preparation (or fear), carefully answer the questions quickly so you know what your brain thinks is true.

3.        When you submit your Self-Test, Blackboard automatically displays in the same folder content to help you—if needed—and the Full-Test. For the Full-Test, there is no password. You may take it as many times as you wish with highest score counting.

4.        Do not just click. Make sure you understand. If the answer does not make sense to you, post your question in Unit 2’s Learning Discussion. 

The Objective Exam for the Unit and the Resources in Unit 2

The Objective Exam for each Unit has a total value of 100 points. There are 25 questions each at 4 points:

·         8 of the 25 questions come from these Learning Quizzes in the Unit

So use those Learning Quizzes and ask questions in Learning Discussion if you need help!

·         17 of the 25 come from the Study Guide (a link below this one). The Lessons in the Unit contain the Instructor’s links. Those links provide visuals, frequently in tables, to help you compare facts to see similarities and differences.

So use those links and ask questions in Learning Discussion if you need help!


The Unit Exam is available for 30 minutes, a time set by the Department. Unit exams have the password onetimeonly. They display one at a time and you cannot backtrack (return to an earlier question).

Tip:  from Getting Starting:

Because I see students memorizing random facts, I am trying to get you to focus on useful, usable facts for your life time because is about life works. In this class, questions do not require that you show you know everything, but that you show that you know something. The questions focus on your recognizing significant traits of such things as regions, time periods and their dominant beliefs or events, and historical figures. (See Learning Quizzes, Concepts, and the Goal of Exam Questions)

Click here for an example of a question that lets you show that you know something that is worthwhile. (URL: http://www.cjbibus.com/GS_Good_Habits_What_Is_a_Question_Where_You_Show_You_Know_Something.htm )

Checklist for Graded Work in Unit 2 – Notice it matches your Course Plan and your Course Schedule.





Take all Learning Quizzes with the Lessons 1, 2, 3, and 4 in Unit 2. (Tip: The same extra credit as Unit 1.)



Post and reply in Unit 2 Learning Discussion (Tip: The same extra credit as Unit 1.)



In Required Writing and Evidence Requirements, complete Evidence Quizzes. (Tip: The same extra credit as for Learning Quizzes.) You must complete the Self-Tests for Evidence Quiz 1, 2, 3, and 4 to see the instructions for the 3-Part Writing Assignment and to post your paper.



In Required Writing, post your paper in the 3-Part Writing @ 100 points (50 points for content and 50 for Good Habits for Evidence).



Take Unit 2 Objective Exam. (Tip: The same opportunities for success in learning as in Unit 1.)