Notice with care the question and the word OR.

1.    You are to answer the question that Blackboard displays when you click on the Unit 2 Written Exam. It will be 1 of those listed below.

2.    You are to look at the items connected by OR and to answer only 1 of those listed.
Note: if you answer more than 1, I will grade only the first 1.



Reminder: you must follow the 5 Good Habits for Evidence in Evidence Matters. You must cite using the method shown next to the Unit Written Exam itself. The 2 parts of the Exam are visible at the bottom of Unit 2 on the dates listed in the Course Schedule.


·         Examine the vulnerabilities and strengths of the British AND the Americans in the American Revolutionary War from 1 (ONE) point of view: the American government OR the British government.


·         Discuss the reasons for 1 (ONE) of these: the Articles of Confederation OR the Constitution


·         Discuss major issues in this period that reveal what happens to 1 (ONE) of these groups: white male voters OR Native Americans OR slaves.


·         Discuss 1 (ONE) of these rebellions and how it relates to the development of American government: Shays’s Rebellion OR the Whiskey Rebellion.


·         Examine government actions to stop the expansion of slavery in 1 (ONE) of these: the Northwest Ordinance OR the Missouri Compromise.


·         Examine the Missouri Compromise and its consequences on the Senate and the House of Representatives from 1 (ONE) point of view: the South OR the North.


·         Discuss the unique traits of the administration of 1 (ONE) of these Presidents and what those traits reveal about the nation at that time: George Washington OR Thomas Jefferson OR Andrew Jackson.


·         Economic nationalism meant support for the National Bank, for protective tariffs, OR for internal improvements. Discuss 1 (ONE) of those.


·         Discuss 1 (ONE) of these: what the Monroe Doctrine did and did not do OR how the War of 1812 led to the expansion of industry.