Lesson 2: Manifest Destiny and the Impending Crisis

·          Perceptions_and_Realities_on_the_Road_to_War – 3 pages

·         Notice that some things are perceptions and some are reality – each can be deadly

·         Watch for cause and effect. Look to see what happens between events. Do not assume anything. Let the events talk to you.
One brain trick is to ask yourself: if the events you are seeing were a boxing match, what would you think?

Lesson 2 – Use its Learning Quiz Maps 1st.

5.       Free Soil movement (West and North), political party

6.       “manifest destiny”

7.       1844 Election, James Knox Polk, on Texas and Oregon

8.       1846 Mexican War, Texas/Mexico boundary dispute

9.       1848 Mexican War, territory gained and not gained

10.   1849 California Gold Rush; 1850 free state admission

11.   Compromise of 1850 – its parts

12.   Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin

13.   1850s – American Party (Know Nothing) - nativism

14.   1853 Gadsden Purchase--South’s desired railroad route

15.   Popular sovereignty (dangers of) and the Kansas Nebraska Act--North’s desired railroad route

16.   “Bleeding Kansas” (majority of Kansans pro-free-state)

17.   John Brown in Kansas

18.   Preston Brooks’ attack on Senator Charles Sumner

19.   Rise of Republican Party, Abraham Lincoln, a moderate

20.   John Brown at Harper’s Ferry

21.   Lincoln’s view on slavery in Lincoln-Douglas Debates, in 1st Inaugural Address, and when the South 1st seceded

22.   Secession crisis: South Carolina firing on Fort Sumter before Lincoln takes office); Southern jubilation

23.   Confederacy (traits of government), Jefferson Davis











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