Why the Changes to the Quizzes and How Am I Trying to Make This Still Work for You?

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Why the Changes?

All instructors using Blackboard received an email asking us to change some settings for quizzes. There are technical differences with this Blackboard and the prior one. I had been trying to watch what you all did to be sure that these things did not cause problems for you. Given the circumstances, however, the safest thing is to:

§  Either change the settings

§  Or—with the issue of Force Completion—alert you all of the possible dangers of thinking you can save and resume a test (That alert I sent by email)

What Students Asked for or Used Effectively Before AND Thus My Goals for What I Am Doing

Multiple taking of a quiz—with sets--multiple times with sets of questions There were 3 things that I hoped to continue to provide:

Goal 1: A way to test yourself at the beginning so you could tell what you needed to read

Goal 2: A way to still get the promised extra credit (in fact you will get 3 extra credit points instead of the 2)

Goal 3: A way for students to be sure that they know the vocabulary of the nation (what a reading quiz provides), including right before the Unit exam (but it will not be in the Blackboard grade book)

Goal 4: A way to get the full 10 points (but not have Blackboard grade book have a problem)


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So How Will It Work? Solving Goal 1 and Goal 2
When you come into the folder for first time period in unit 2, you will see:


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Tip if you use the PRACTICE only version of Quiz D:
If I am right, the worst that could happen if you are using the PRACTICE version is that it might “freeze” up. If yes, you email me and I unfreeze it. If I am right (and I hope so), since it does not count in Blackboard’s Gradebook, nothing else will happen.

So How Will It Work? Solving Goal 3 and Goal 4
After you do that check-your-knowledge quiz, you will see:

What Other Things .Will I Do?

I have tested what I can do from my side, but I need to see your experiences so I am sure this method works OK for you. I follow the development rules I was taught in industry:  build the 1st and test; fix problems and build the 2nd and test again; fix problems if any and build the 3rd. I’ll follow that development rule and build the same things for Reading Quiz E and F.


Once we know all is OK, I’ll update Syllabus. AND if you need more time for this first one (especially with the delayed return of the History Changes Essay, we can work it out a bit longer due date for the one-time-only version of Quiz D.






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