Concepts for Unit 1, Including the Earlier List for the 2 Primaries for Chapter 16

All of you know some of these words. Choose to look up what you don’t know and post those.

Types of Labor:

·         Artisan or craftsman

·         Skilled labor

·         Unskilled laborer


Worker organizations:

·         Industrial union

·         Trade unions

·         Federation of trade unions


Types of payment to labor:

·         Wages

·         Contract work

·         Piecework


Methods used by business during a Panic (Modern Term – Depression)

·         Layoffs

·         Wage reductions


Housing and labor

·         tenement

Basic business terms:

·         Incorporation

·         Limited liability


·         Capital

·         Labor

·         Machinery

·         Company towns


Methods used by labor to try to increase pay and safety (notice death rates)

·         Unionization

·         Strike

Methods used by business if a strike:

·         Strikebreakers



Methods used for business:

·         Injunction


Patterns of Treatment of Labor in the Gilded Age

Government - state:

·         Governor (executive branch)

·         Departments (executive branch) – such as the attorney general

·         Assembly or legislature (legislative branch)

·         Judiciary/courts

state courts (judiciary branch)



Government – National/federal:

·         President (executive branch)

·         Departments (executive branch) – such as the attorney general

·         Congress (legislative branch)
- House of Representatives
- Senate

·         Judiciary/courts (judiciary branch)

o   Supreme Court and the Constitution

o   Federal courts

Constitution and the Bill of Rights:

·         assemble “peaceably,” freedom to

·         speech, freedom of

·         the press, freedom of

·         petition, freedom of

·         jury, trial by


Types/parts of legal documents:

·         amendment

·         article

·         Bill of Rights

·         code

·         Constitution

·         law

Gilded Age change in government:

·         commission (FYI: 1st used with Interstate commerce)


Constitution/Gilded Age change:

·         due process” (FYI: it is in the 5th and 14th amendment)

·         Segregation

Constitution/Gilded Age change:

·         15th amendment

·         Poll tax


Movements and violence:

·         Anarchism

·         Socialism


·         Anarchist – bombs

·         Assassination

Movements and violence:

·         Nativism, nativist

·         Immigrants


·         Rioting


Movements and violence:

·         Racism

·         Lynching

·         Rioting


Economic developments in the Gilded Age:

·         Trust

·         “sound” money or Gold Standard

Types of debt by farmers:

·         lien (South, crop-lien)

·         mortgage (in the Plains)

Economic terms on taxes and tariffs:

·         Tax

·         Tariff

·         Protective tariff





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