Concepts for Unit 1

Reminder: there are definitions at the bottom of the searchable Constitution provided in your course.

Economic terms:

·         Monopoly

·         Legal devices for monopoly from government

o   Holding company

o   Trust (greater rights of trustees—such as guardians of widows and orphans)

·         Incorporation from state and, with it, limited liability

·         Capital

·         Capitalism

o   Industrial

o   Financial

·         Commodities

·         Competition/market-driven

o   Capitalism favors

o   Monopoly avoids



·         Artisan or craftsman

·         Skilled labor


·         Unskilled laborer

·         Piece worker


Death rate as a laborer:

·         Varied with industry

·         Varied if skilled/unskilled labor


Worker organizations:

·         Industrial union

·         Trade unions

·         Federation of unions


Methods from labor:

·         Boycott

·         Strike

Methods from business

·         Firing grievance committee

·         Strikebreaker or scab

·         Lockout

·         Building modifications (factory as fortress and armory)

·         Pinkertons

·         Injunction

·         State militia

·         Police


·         Bribery of government

·         Lobbying of government




Tensions, trends, and public fears and violence:

·         Anarchism

·         Socialism


·         Violence

·         Lynching

·         Rioting

·         Anarchist – bombs

·         Assassination


·         Nativism, nativist

·         Immigrants

·         Racism


·         State

o   Governor

o   Assembly or legislature

·         National/federal

o   President (executive branch)

o   Congress (legislative branch)
- House of Representatives
- Senate

·         Judiciary/courts (judiciary branch)

o   Supreme Court and the Constitution

o   federal courts

o    state courts


·         Commission – new form, both executive and legislative

Company Towns:

Labor in company town pays the employer for:

·         Rent of a tenement

·         Food


Employer also controls:

·         Administration of the town (no voting for local officials of a town)

·         All buildings

·         All political organization

(See pages 584-585)

Economic terms on monetary policy and debtors/creditors:

·         “sound” money – Gold Standard

·         debtor/creditor differences on monetary policy

·         debt

o   Lien

o   In South – crop-lien

o   In Plains – mortgage

Panics (meaning of that word?) and business response:

·         Layoffs

·         Wage reductions


Immigrant groups

·         Roman Catholic

·         Protestants, varied

·         Jews


·         Immigrants from South and South eastern Europe and from Russia

Economic terms on taxes and tariffs and regional differences

·         Tax

·         Tariff, different purposes

o   Revenue

o   Protective

·         Regional and trade difference in response to protective tariff

Constitution and civil rights:

·         assemble “peaceably,” freedom to

·         speech, freedom of

·         the press, freedom of

·         petition, freedom of

·         jury, trial by

Types/parts of legal documents:

·         amendment

·         article

·         bill of rights

·         code

·         Constitution

·         law


Constitution and state laws on voting:

·         Vote for representatives - who decides qualifications to vote (unless the qualification is in the Constitution or its amendments)

·         Vote by representatives in a legislature to determine laws (including taxes) – what decides how many Representatives or Senators?

·         Vote by electors in the electoral college

·         15th amendment


·         Poll tax

·         Grandfather clause

·         residency

Constitution and state laws and the individual:

·         13th Amendment

·         “due process” clause in 5th amendment

·         “due process” clause in 14th amendment

·         14th Amendment

·         Public accommodations

·         Segregation, legal and the Supreme Court





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