Concepts for the 2 Primaries for Chapter 16

1.       Reading from the textbook to help you with the 2 Primaries: Read with care pages 581 and 584 and look at the top of 585 of the Essentials textbook.

2.       Aid to definitions about government: see the bottom of the searchable Constitution provided in Required Concepts.

3.       The list of concepts below does not include all of the items within each list, but predominantly concepts with these primaries

Types of Labor:

·         Artisan or craftsman

·         Skilled labor

·         Unskilled laborer


Worker organizations:

·         Industrial union

·         Trade unions

·         Federation of trade unions


Types of payment to labor:

·         Wages

·         Contract work

·         Piecework


Methods used by business during a Panic (Modern Term – Depression)

·         Layoffs

·         Wage reductions


Housing and labor

·         tenement

Basic business terms:

·         Capital

·         Labor

·         Machinery

·         Company towns


Company town and labor:

1.       Jobs from the company

2.       Rent to the company

3.       Purchases from the company stores

Methods used by labor to try to increase pay and safety (notice death rates)

·         Unionization

·         Strike


Methods used by business if a strike:

·         Strikebreakers

Methods used for business:

·         Injunction


Patterns of Treatment of Labor in the Gilded Age

Government - state:

·         Governor (executive branch)

·         Departments (executive branch) – such as the attorney general

·         Assembly or legislature (legislative branch)

·         Judiciary/courts

state courts (judiciary branch)



Government – National/federal:

·         President (executive branch)

·         Departments (executive branch) – such as the attorney general

·         Congress (legislative branch)
- House of Representatives
- Senate

·         Judiciary/courts (judiciary branch)

o   Supreme Court and the Constitution

o   Federal courts


Constitution and the Bill of Rights:

·         assemble “peaceably,” freedom to

·         speech, freedom of

·         the press, freedom of

·         petition, freedom of

·         jury, trial by


Types/parts of legal documents:

·         amendment

·         article

·         Bill of Rights

·         code

·         Constitution

·         law





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