Comparison of Events

The problems in the left column are revealed in the Hoover administration, but they were caused by economic events and decisions before his administration and beyond his adminstration.

* + (date) = Alteration


Problems Revealed in Hoover’s Administration

Solutions Attempted in FDR’s New Deal

Protecting freedom of information

FCC*(1980s) (1990s)

Bankers - embezzling

Combination solution:

  1. National Bank Holiday
  2. Inspections
  3. License/Treasury
  4. Fireside chat – radio device used frequently


Later FDIC *(1980s)

Banks – failure + result that people feared to deposit money in banks


Banks – Speculating in stock market

“Chinese Wall” (sometimes called a firewall) between banks and their using your money for speculation

Glass Steagall * (1990s)

Gold Standard

US off gold standard

Stock Market

-         Insider trading

-         Margin buying

-         Fraud

-         Public offering but no required truth ( had private stock market regulations)

SEC* (1990s)

Business Not Producing

– they are hurting

- workers hurting

- market saturated

NRA      Later declared unconstitutional

–        gave workers right to organize

–        set up standards & codes for business

–        used symbol blue eagle in store windows



–        public works, such as Boulder Dam

–        used steel, concrete


–        home

–        farm

Refinancing of both home and farms



People on the edge

–        varied

–        old

–        Okies


–        CCC – Boys/conservation projects

–        FERA – “made work”   Later WPA – labor & build libraries and schools

–        Social Security – for aged, orphans, disabled


–        market saturation

–        they are hurting

–        farm labor is hurting (25% of work force)


–        parity to restore price of prior times

–        paying not to grow/plus plow under initially

–        Helps Big Farmers most, with tenants and sharecroppers being the ones whose land the big farmers took out of production

–        60% income up


TVA – conservation and electric power – Results in factory jobs and displacement of some people