Page Numbers for Different Editions and Versions 


Caution: the One Edition You Cannot Use

As covered in the syllabus, the one edition you cannot use is the 4th BRIEF Edition.

If You Are Using an Earlier Edition Than the 3rd Edition

If you are using an earlier edition, you can determine the page number by looking at the table of contents for the name of the heading given for the 3rd Edition in the table at the bottom of this webpage. If you need help, just ask.

If You Are Using the 3rd Edition (with Page Numbers for the Paperback in the Last Column)

The right columns list the page number in the 3rd Edition.


Possible Time Periods as Terms on Exam 1 Essays

What to Read in the 3rd Edition – Chapter # and Headings

Page Numbers in the 3rd Edition Paperback


Chapter 15. Look for these headings:

·          “Emancipation in the South”

·          “Black Mobilization”

·          “Andrew Johnson”

·          “Johnson and the Radicals”

·          ”The Reconstruction Act”

·          “Reconstruction Begins.”

Pages 450-458


Chapter 16. Look for these headings:

·          “The Fifteenth Amendment”

·          “The Rise of the Klan”

·          “The Government and the Klan”

·          “Breaking the Power of the Klan”

·          “Grant and the 1872 Election”

·          “The 1872 Election”


PLUS some elections from 1868 are in Chapter 16 in “The Stigma of Corruption.”

Pages 465, 468-469, 478-479, 482


Chapter 16. Look for these headings:

·          “The Failure of Reconstruction” which includes

o         “The Stigma of Corruption”

o         “The Resurgence of the Democrats”

o         “Why Reconstruction Failed.”

Pages 482-484


Chapter 16 and Chapter 17. Look for these headings:

·          “Conclusion” (stops at “As with”) – These pages include some things that WILL happen AFTER the current time of the Compromise of 1877.

·          “Segregation” – These pages are about a later time than 1877, .such as the Supreme Court cases AFTER 1883.

Pages 488-489

Pages 516-517


Chapter 18. Look for this heading:

·           “The Spread of Segregation.”

Pages 533-535


Chapter 19. Look for these headings and paragraphs:

·          ”African Americans and Segregation.”

·          Paragraph on 572 beginning “The main combat” through paragraph on 574 ending “brought harmony at the expense of black Americans.”

Pages 564-565, 572-573



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