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Chronologies to Help You See Changes and Interconnections

         Study Tool: Chronological Events of the 1921-1929 Era (administrations of Harding and Coolidge and the election of Hoover, all Republicans)

-       Notice what is changing in this period in foreign policy (including disarmament in the early years) and notice the reparations-debt cycle.

-       Notice big business and government.

-       Notice the former category of farmers and the new interest group of veterans.

Optional Reference

         Snapshot from the 1870s to 1920s (PDF) (a comparison between 1870s-1890s, 1895 to about 1920, and the Jazz Age (the 1920s)
How to use this resource to see how people, events, and trends fit together and change:

-       Use the PDF find feature to search for a name.

-       Look at rows on a specific issue to see change over time.
Example: By looking at the rows on leisure, for example, you can see how things changed during the periods from the 1870s-1890s, from about 1895 to about 1920, and in the 1920s (also called the Jazz Age).


-       Notice what is going on in different areas (regions) and eras (time periods) of American life, including what is disappearing.

-       Notice the former categories of labor (usually factory workers), farmers, and the new number of white collar workers.

-       Notice how leisure changed over these three eras and in particular how it is in the Jazz Age.






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