Unit 2: Moving to the World Stage - America from 1900 to 1940




Resources and Reading Quiz

·         Quiz D  - printable for back-to-back use with the version with answers – Form to use to record your answers or handwritten if looks exactly like this


A Tip for the Form – some of you are writing a ? to the left of the number of the question on the form when you realize you are just guessing.

  • For you, it is a good thing for you to identify when you are guessing. That can help your brain.
  • For me, it does not slow down my scanning down as long as you do that to the left of the number.


What do I mean by scan downing? I am not reading these forms. I learned in fall term with the experiment with this method that I could not read the forms and keep up.

Instead, I am acting like a machine—sort of like a human scantron machine. That is why the form has to be done exactly.





>>> Where You Will Find the Temporary Link:  TEMPORARY link of questions with answers for the current quiz  – Test yourself with the quiz without answers at the top. Grade yourself with these answers. Read what you do not know.


 Caution: All files with answers have the same name for a unit. If you download this file to your computer or flashdrive, be sure you use Save As to change its name.



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