Unit 2: Moving to the World Stage - America from 1900 to 1940


Topics Covered in the Class for Reading Quiz D on Progressivism: Roosevelt to Wilson

We will cover these topics in class in this order:

  1. Caution about the terms Progress, Progressivism, and Progressive Plus Where? Who? (Class? Professions?)
  2. Introduction to the 3 Presidents in the so-called Progressive Era

§         1901-1904, 1904-1908 Theodore Roosevelt – Known for Square Deal and in 1912 for the New Nationalism

§         1908-1912 William Howard Taft

§         1912-1916, 1916-1920  Woodrow Wilson – Known for the New Freedom

How their elections shift and reveal Progressivism AND:

§         Conservation

§         Race – African Americans (reminder: Supreme Court) and—as an early 1900s term—immigration

§         Women (reminder: Supreme Court) and the argument their voting could block the votes above

  1. Major Issue - Labor (including child labor as potential amendment; labor of women)

§         T. Roosevelt
- Background on his view of obligation of government and big business/big monopoly
- Square Deal (anthracite coal strike)
- and the Supreme Court (example of the Lochner case)

§         In Taft’s term
- Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire

§         Wilson
- Ludlow Massacre
- Adamson Act

  1. Major Issue – Big Business/big monopoly, Tariffs, Finance/Panics

§         Constitution – 16th (1909, 1912) and 17th (1912, 1913) amendments

§         T. Roosevelt
- Trusts and the Supreme Court (example of the Northern Securities case)
- FDA, US Agriculture Department

§         Taft
- Tariff shift

§         Wilson
- Trusts and the FTC
- Federal Reserve Act

  1. New Issue but rising – Consumerism – a concept you must understand (Check the essay questions.)
  2. Major Issue - Foreign policy

§         T. Roosevelt
- Latin America – Panama Canal, Roosevelt Corollary
- Far East – spheres of influence and Japan

§         Taft’s term
- Attempted - Dollar Diplomacy – Latin America and Far East

§         Wilson (until World War I dominates) – Latin America (Pancho Villa;  Vera Cruz)





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