Unit 2: Moving to the World Stage - America from 1900 to 1940


Topics Covered in the Class for Reading Quiz D on Progressivism: Roosevelt to Wilson

We will cover these topics in class in this order:

  1. Caution about the terms Progressivism and Progressive

§         Where it is

§         Who it is (by social and economic class and by new or modified professions)

  1. Introduction to the 3 Presidents in the so-called Progressive Era and how the elections shift

§         1901-1904, 1904-1908 Theodore Roosevelt (Square Deal, in 1912 for the New Nationalism)

§         1908-1912 William Howard Taft

§         1912-1916, 1916-1920  Woodrow Wilson (the New Freedom)

3.       Labor Issues in the Progressive Era

§         T. Roosevelt
- Background on his view of obligation of government and big business as monopoly
- Square Deal (anthracite coal strike)
- and the Supreme Court (example of the Lochner case)

§         In Taft’s term
- Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire

§         Woodrow Wilson
- Ludlow Massacre
- election and Adamson ActBackground about Trust background on Square Deal and the anthracite coal strike

§         Chronological treatment from 1763 to 1783 showing the very slow development of the sentiment and support for an independent United States

4.       A brief review of major issues in the American Revolutionary War and peace treaty that ends that war




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