Topics about the Troubled Transformation – This link is repeated in these chapters:

·         Chapter 29: Conservative Revival, 1977–1990

·         Chapter 30:  21st Century America, 1993–Present



The Administrations of Carter, Reagan, G.H. Bush, W. Clinton, G.W. Bush, and Barack Obama with footnotes to let you find details when you want them
The 6th page shows the changes in the national debt, the changes of the age of the baby boomers (and therefore what major changes happen with that age cohort), and the Presidents in the decade.

-       Notice the yellow highlights

-       Notice not just the Presidencies, but the national debt (and where it is)

-       Notice not just the names for thing but whether the names miscue the listened.

-       Notice the troubled groups in the country

-       Notice the existence of many new institutions and agencies at the national level for
a) domestic policies
b) our relationships with other nations,

c) the interconnection between a and b.







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