World War II; the Post-War Chapters 26-27



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Resources for Reading Quiz D

         Study Tool: Chronological Events of the 1939-1945 Era (administrations of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and of Harry S Truman)
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-          Notice the links within the chronology. If you have a question about one of the items in the chronology, you can frequently answer it by clicking on the link. (Some chronologies you can download to your computer to use.

-          Notice that this chronology covers the same issues as the one on World War I. You can see How Fast They Went to War and a list of World War IIPeople and Terms That Became Symbols

         Study Tool: Chronological Events of the 1946-1952 Era (administration of Harry S Truman, including his election in 1948)
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-          Once again, notice that there are links within the chronology to help you answer your own questions about an item.

-          Notice what is happening to the political parties, including in the election in 1952 and the rise of the Dixiecrats.

-          Notice individuals such as Joseph McCarthy.

-          Notice the existence of many new institutions and agencies at the national level for a) domestic issues, b) our relationships with other nations, and c) the interconnection between a and b.

-          Notice the former categories of labor (usually factory workers) and farmers. What are the laws now about these groups?





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