Lessons in Blackboard’s Unit 3—a Different Approach Than the Earlier Units and a Different Method to Provide a Study Guide

Unit 3 consists of Lessons 1-3. The word Lesson refers to a specific Blackboard learning module in the Unit. Blackboard learning modules have a Table of Contents on the left that let you see all of the resources available for the Lesson. You can click directly on the one you want.


Unit 3, however, is different than Unit 1 and 2 and therefore there is a different approach. Across the period of time covered by Unit 3, we live with rapid, repeated changes:

·         In the same regions of the world

·         With the same issues in our nation


Across the period of time covered by Unit 3, the years (15 years, 28 years, and 28 years) covered by each Lesson are divided by the presidencies because after World War II the executive branch has gained ever more power than in Unit 2. Further 2 issues within the presidencies continue to reveal our world:

·         Age cohorts ranging from the baby boom, to Gen-X, to the millennials

·         The national debt as it grew, declined briefly with bipartisan effort in President Clinton’s term, and then climbed again to a higher peak


In Unit 3, all Lessons begin with a 1-page Snapshot that:

·         Covers in rows the same places or issues for each of the 3 time periods (In other words, if you put the 1-page Snapshots side by side on a kitchen table and looked at the row for the Far East, you could see what  the US was doing there for about 70 years

·         Covers in columns the presidencies, with the last presidency in the 1st snapshot being repeated in the next Snapshot to make it easier to think about change

·         Is followed by a detailed chronology (events in time order) of the period so you can look up details if you want.
Example: If you saw CIA in one of the Snapshots, you could press Ctrl-F to display a small area for entry of words and then type CIA.
You could then click to see where CIA was covered in the chronology


In Unit 3, the 1-page Snapshots serve as a study guide when used with this section of the Unit 3 Overview. Click here for the section.
(URL: http://www.cjbibus.com/1302_Unit_3_Study_Guide_DL_When_Used_with_the_3_Snapshots.pdf)