Unit 3: Transformations–America from 1945 to the Present (Lessons 1-3)
tudy Guide - Temporary

The Objective Exam consists primarily of multiple choice questions based on the contents of the 1st page of Lessons 1, 2, and 3 and the lecturRemember: Questions are written so you do not have to prove that you know everything, but that you know something.


Tip: The Essentials Terms Quiz and its link are essential. All the quizzes will help you.


If given at least 3 facts about a nation over time, recognize the nation from a list.


Middle East (know the definition from the Essentials Terms Quiz)

·         Afghanistan

·         Iran

·         Iraq

·         Israel

·         Saudi Arabia


Far East (know the definition from the Essentials Terms Quiz)

·         Cambodia

·         China

·         Korea

·         Japan

·         Vietnam


Europe+ (know the definition from the Essentials Terms Quiz)

·         France

·         Germany

·         Great Britain

·         Soviet Union (USSR or Russia)

·         United States


The Americas (know the definition from the Essentials Terms Quiz, including sections of the Americas)

·         Canada

·         Cuba

·         Mexico

·         Nicaragua

·         United States



Age Cohorts and their time periods In the link in the Essentials Terms Quiz

·         Baby boomer

·         Generation X

·         Millennial



If a term was in Unit 1 or Unit 2 but still exists in Unit 3, you may see it. You have to recognize; not recall. Examples:

·         fascism, communism, capitalism, monopoly, horizontal or vertical integration

·         annexation, declaration of war, diplomatic recognition

·         civil disobedience, boycott, march on Washington

·         segregation, nativism, racism

·         law, bill, executive order, court case

·         types of public service, such as Federal Reserve, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Secretary of State, justice of the Supreme Court


Events and Traits of Presidencies

If given at least 3 facts about a president over time, recognize the president from a list of 5 presidents in chronological order. (Remember: there are only 5 letters on a scan-tron a, b, c, d, and e.)

·         Harry Truman (1945-1948, 1948-1952)

·         Dwight D. Eisenhower (1952-1956, 1956-1960)

·         John F. Kennedy (1960-1963)

·         Lyndon B. Johnson (1963-1964, 1964-1968)

·         Richard M. Nixon (1968-1972, 1972-August, 1974)

·         Gerald Ford (August, 1974-1976)

·         Jimmy Carter (1976-1980) 

·         Ronald Reagan (1980-1984, 1984-1988)

·         George H. Bush (1988-1992)

·         William Clinton (1992-1996, 1996-2000)

·         George W. Bush (2000-2004, 2004-2008)

·         Barack Obama (2008-2012, 2012-2016)





If placed in a group of people or if provided several details, recognize what type of role in history that the person played.

·         Colin Powell

·         Condoleezza Rice

·         Elvis Presley

·         Hillary Rodham Clinton

·         Jackie Robinson

·         Madeleine Albright

·         The Beetles




Events, Trends, and Terms

If  provided several details, recognize its role in history:

·         Brown case

·         consumerism

·         covert operation

·         desegregation

·         globalization

·         integration

·         Savings and loan deregulation

·         sit-in

·         Taft Hartley

·         Title IX

·         Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP)

·         Watergate