Education: How did they teach their young and educate the next generation of leaders?

Do not memorize dates. Notice the dates only so you notice if the founding is early or late in colonial development. For example, notice that the South has a later educational development than New England, an area that was initially settled about the same time.


New England (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI)

Middle Colonies (DE, NJ, NY, PA)

South (GA, MD, NC, SC, VA)

What did Massachusetts and some Quakers do about basic education for the young and what other basic education was occurring?

Massachusetts set the pattern to support public education in this country.

1647 law – required towns to support a school. Similar laws = CT and Plymouth.


Indenture, done locally with people known to the parents, was a means of training for the young.

Some were educated in dame schools set up in women’s homes.


Dame = widows or unmarried women.

Teaching = way they could earn a living.

Private tutors for those with money.


Reminder: Few white children and few towns.

What were the colleges and when and why were they formed?

Harvard (1636) – Cambridge, MA – established as a school for ministers - Congregationalist


Yale (1701)-New Haven, CT – established as school for ministers, with Harvard viewed as too liberal − Congregational


College of Rhode Island (or Brown) (1764) – Baptist.


Dartmouth – NH (1769) – Congregational.

Princeton (or College of New Jersey) (1746) − established because other schools viewed as too liberal - Presbyterian


Columbia (or King’s College) (1754) – NY – secular curriculum - Anglican


Queen’s College (or Rutgers) (1766) – Dutch Reform


Univ. of PA (or Academy and College of Philadelphia) (1755) – secular curriculum

William and Mary College (1693) –Williamsburg, VA – established by Anglicans as an academy to train clergymen


No college level until 1720s.


New England

·        CT – Connecticut

·        ME – Maine

·        MA – Massachusetts

·        NH – New Hampshire

  • RI – Rhode Island

Middle Colonies

·        DE – Delaware

·        NY – New York

·        NJ – New Jersey

·        PA – Pennsylvania


·        GA – Georgia

·        MD – Maryland

·        NC – North Carolina

·        SC – South Carolina

  • VA – Virginia



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