Seeing Change Over Time from 1800 to about the Election of 1840

This includes the key events in the chronologies. The series of topics are used to show how the nation was transformed from 1800 to about 1840.


Cautions: Print all topics using the landscape (not portrait) setting. These marked-p chronologies open very slowly, but they are there.

8 Topics Showing How the Nation Was Transformed (with Reference Links)

1. Slavery and Revolution



          Summary of Revolutionary Trends Around the World

          Summary of Trends in Slavery Around the World


2. Land and Slavery and the Republic How land was nationalistic, but land with slavery was sectionalistic



          Political Realities of Status of Slave and Free State Balance at the time of the Missouri Compromise


3. Land and Indians and Military Heroes


4. War, Military Heroes, and Foreign Policy


5. Land and Suffrage Plus What led to universal white male suffrage and how that intersects with land and military heroes


6. Supreme Court, Central Government Power, and the Shift from Marshall to Taney

Notice the additional shift from Chief Justice John Marshall to Chief Justice Roger Taney.



          Summary of Supreme Court Decisions Regarding Corporations: Marshall to Taney


7. Political Parties and Multiple Shifts

Notice Jefferson and Hamilton and their two views of America.



          Summary of Political Parties 1789-1876


8. Secession, Nullification, and the End of Economic Nationalism





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