Study Tool: Chronological Events of the 1901-1914 Era

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Presidential Election/Event

Beyond America/
Foreign Policy

Government Institutions

US Land Expansion

US Economic Development

Issue/Organization Development

Political Party Development


William McKinley vs. William Jennings Bryan







Canal: Britain gives up right to participate in canal (Hay-Paucefote Treaty)






McKinley, assassinated by anarchist; T.R. President






Canal: Congress, favors Nicaraguan route, later Panama





TR – the “Square Deal”

US Navy into Venezuela – German & British debt collection in region


Newlands Reclamation Act

Anthracite coal strike – Square Deal

Muckrackers – McClure’s and other magazines


Canadian-US boundary – arbitration + “big stick”

Department of Commerce established; Bureau of Corporations


Rebates blocked (Elkins Act)



Canal: Panama zone from Columbia (Hay-Herran Convention), but not ratified by Columbian Senate






Canal: Panama revolt; Panama zone from Panama (Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty)


Panama Canal Zone (99-year rental)





Supreme Court: North Securities violates Sherman Anti-Trust





Theodore Roosevelt vs. Alton B. Parker vs. E. V. Debs (Socialist)






Dominican Republicdebt collection Roosevelt Corollary to Monroe Doctrine






Far East: T.R. in ending Russo-Japanese War (Portsmouth treaty); Korea, Philippines arrangement

Supreme Court: Locher v. New York



Niagara Conference – W.E..B. Du Bois





Hepburn Act

“Yellow Peril” trend -San Francisco School Board segregation



Presidential Election/Event
Beyond America/ Foreign Policy

Government Institutions

US Land Expansion

US Economic Development

Issue/Organization Development

Political Party Development




Pure Food and Drug Act; Meat Inspection Act



“Gentleman’s Agreement”






China Open Door, Root-Takahira Agreement






William Howard Taft vs. William Jennings Bryan
Dollar Diplomacy”






US investors into Honduras to block British



Payne-Aldrich Tariff – raise ½ items

NAACP - National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and The Crisis start


Far East: Attempted US investments in Manchuria

1910 – Ballinger – Pinchot dispute




T.R. – “New Nationalism”

Canal: Require Nicaragua to give US control of customs, debt payment (Senate rejects)






Canal: Nicaragua revolt; US troops (through 1933)











Taft – T.R. division

William Howard Taft vs. Woodrow Wilson vs. T. Roosevelt vs. E. V. Debs (Socialist)





T.R.’s Progressive Party

President speaks to Congress (on the tariff) – 1st time since Jefferson’s precedent
Mexico: Ongoing coups (since Taft), US Marines - Tampico and Vera Cruz incidents

16th Amendment – income tax

17th Amendment – direct election of Senators



Federal Reserve Act

Federal Trade Commission[1]

Underwood Tariff – lower to 30%

Suffrage paradeWashington DC





Panama Canal – officially open (August)

Clayton Anti-Trust Act – “Magna Carta of Labor”







Leo Frank case concludes – lynching



Keyword List on the Presidency:

Theodore Roosevelt (T.R.) “agenda” and background – Square Deal, later New Nationalism – two sections of the textbook

Taft’s agenda and background-

Woodrow Wilson’s agenda and background-  - New Freedom


Keyword List on Financial and Business Issues:

Trust reform – North Securities case, issues and decision

US Steel – issues- Chapter 20


National Association of Manufacturers – laws desired- Chapter 21

Scientific Management – Frederick Winslow Taylor – Taylorism


Keyword List on Labor:

International Workers of the World (“Wobblies”)

Supreme Court cases and what they show about working conditions

1911 – New York City - Triangle Shirtwaist Factory- Chapter 21

1914 – Colorado Ludlow Massacre- Chapter 21


Keyword List on Minorities:

1903 0 W.E.B. Du Bois – Souls of Black Folks


Keyword List on Women and Children (Notice the LOCAL, STATE push.):

1910 – Boy Scouts

1912 – Girl Scouts

Shift to trying to get states to accept women’s suffrage – Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Kansas, Montana, Nevada – from 1910 to 1914


Keyword List on Prohibition (Notice the LOCAL, STATE push.):

Shift to trying to get states to accept prohibition – “dry”/”wet” states

Keyword List on Conservation:

Conservation – T.R.’s term- Chapter 20

Conservation – Taft’s term- Chapter 21


Keyword List on News:

Reform topics covered in McClure’s magazine- Chapter 20

Response by T.R. and his using the muckraker term- Chapter 20

Ida M. Tarbell – Standard Oil

Lincoln Steffens - St. Louis corruption; The Shame of the Cities

Upton Sinclair  and The Jungle


Keyword List on Political Changes and Elections:

Socialists and E. V. Debs- two sections of the textbook

T.R.’s New Nationalism- Chapter 21


Keyword List on Governmental Reform (Notice the LOCAL, STATE push.):

Voting reforms – types and purpose (direct primary, referendum, initiative, recall)-567

Voting reforms – spread and vulnerability

City government reform – commission or “Galveston idea” form

City government reform – city manager form

Regulatory reform and reliance on experts-

Reform in states- Chapter 20

Reform in states – LaFollette example- Chapter 20


Keywords on Intellectual Trends:

Listed in Snapshot






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[1] Replaces Bureau of Corporations