Snapshots from the 1920s to about 2008


What These Snapshots CanNOT Do

Memorization fails unless you:

·         Do something (such as solving problems using the multiplication tables you memorized)

·         Use the facts to understand (such as being able to explain accurately and in a common sense way those facts to your smart cousin who never heard about history)


Memorization becomes less and less effective as time goes by:

·         By Exam 3, memorization does not work with Reading Quiz questions because of how many of them there are

·         With Exam 3, memorization fails because in  this period of United States History so many things are going on in so many places with so many interconnections


What These Snapshots Can Do

You can use this snapshots to help:

·         To understand how the events covered in the reading quiz questions fit together

·         To identify facts you need to understand in order to prepare for the terms you must write about


Snapshots for 1950s through 1970s and for 1980s through about 2008

Each snapshot is in two formats—vertical if you want to print it easily and horizontal if you want to look at it from a PC or the Internet. If you want to download these files to your computer so you do not have to be in Blackboard to use them that is fine with me.


Snapshot of 1920s through 1940s

·         Vertical for printing  < in progress

·         Horizontal for viewing online< in progress


Snapshot of 1950s through 1970s

·         Vertical for printing

·         Horizontal for viewing online


Snapshot of 1980s through about 2008

·         Vertical for printing

·         Horizontal for viewing online


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