Email to advantage pro

AdvantagePro has been able to fix the impossible in the past so here is the current situation and I deeply hope you can solve this. I would like to:

·         Either move up my annual checkup to as soon as you can come

·         And/or set up an appointment for an estimate to fix this problem


I can work from home June 17 through June 21st so any time would be great. If those are not possible, I can list more possible dates.


To me, pictures and movies are the fastest way to introduce the problem. Because previously pictures were hard to send by email, I have temporarily put them at my course website. FYI: The dates below may be inexact because sometimes I did not get the pictures downloaded from the phone on the same day as the water came. Also, if needed, I have many more pictures and movies.


Layperson’s Guess

There was a minor drip that I talked to the person about when you did the August 2018 maintenance checkup, but then I had no pictures and just running a hose through it did not show the consequence of a heavy flow of water. My guess—and that is all it is-- is that it is the slope is off and that the incredibly heavy rains in May escalated that change in the slope. The problem is that the dumping of water at that section of the gutters is in June as bad. To me, it seems worse because the waters in June were less bad but the overflow was the same and my efforts needed to protect the house the same.


May Examples of the Problems with 2 Gutters—one at front of the house and one at one side of the fireplace at the back of the house

To me, the rains on the house in May were worse than Harvey (when that gutter did not leak) so I recognize that this speed of water did challenge the gutters.

1.       The gutter over the front door (erodes the base at the left side of the garage and--if it increases—builds up water there around the front area.)

Example: 20190507
The front door gutter overflowing happened at the other flooding dates below, but I did not have time to take pictures given the speed of flooding at the back.

2.       The gutter to the right of the fireplace is not a problem.
The gutter to the left of the fireplace beside the back door now threatens the fireplace itself, the living room, and the porch room where the back door is.

a.       20190507   Notice the buckets along the back of the fireplace and at the gutter on the right show relatively little water. The challenge is the gutter to the left side of the fireplace.

I tried first to catch the water off the gutter with a large trash can which was flat on one side so it could be flush to the brick, but it filled up fast:  I also couldn’t drag it more than a few feet so the water in the trash can just  kept overflowing where it was until I could ladle out enough to move the semi-emptied can to the trench.

This movie makes it easier to see the 3 areas leaking from the gutter beginning in May:

b.      20190510
I tried 2 24X16 storage bins, but they filled repeatedly. The problem: I could not drag them away either. In desperation, I moved them over and added a blue rolling cart (in the pictures looks like a chair sort of) that I use for yard work. The great benefit was that I was able to roll the cart away from the back of the house and dump it in a trench that leads to the sump pump. I had to dump the full blue rolling cart over and over with these storms.


June Examples of the Problems with 2 Gutters—only shows examples of the  problems on the left side of the fireplace at the back of the house

The June waters seem less than May, but the gutter itself seems worse. Three areas are leaking badly on that gutter to the left of the fireplace and next to the living room with this movie helping to show the areas are still leaking in June.

·         2019 June 5  (I have an equivalent view on other dates.)

a.       at the corner where it interconnects to the gutter directly over the door itself
Note: The gutter directly over the door is sometimes also dropping spots of water all in a row but it is not shown here.)

b.      at the right side of the gutter but facing the patio trench

c.       over the end of the gutter and sliding down the brick. Examples:




The amount of water from a, b, and c resulted in my putting old fabric used for covering plants in winter at the window beside the back door/living room window: 9.JPG. I picked them up when soaked, replaced them with dry robes, and washed and dried the wet ones so I could keep changing them.

It was scary enough at that spot that I even moved an oriental rug in the living room because I feared flooding into the house. Fortunately, the rain stopped before that.


I really appreciate you all and I hope you can do magic again,

C.J. Bibus