About Grading or Not Grading the Major Comparison



Click here FIRST and continue to look at the visual below. This is a voice file saying to you what I said to my face to face classes.


Reminder the syllabus says:

895 1000


795 894


695 794


595 694


Below 594




The example give is of 895 for an A but the same applies to

795 for a B

695 for a C

595 for a D

And less than 594 for an F


The visual and the voice file show why these things will happen:

         I will be posting the letter grades later for those who do not have the 815, 715, 615, or 515 grades. Your Major Comparison will remain ungraded.
If you want feedback, I will gladly do that in January, send the PDF to your personal email, and gladly talk to you by phone or face-to-face. Just email me in Blackboard that is what you want.

         I will then start grading the Major Comparisons for those who have 815, 715, 615, or 515 and could possibly make the higher grade level with the points from the Major Comparison.


FYI: The audio says I will add a comment. I will have to do that later.



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