Shortcut to What You Do for the Deal I Wrote on Your Rubric New Info added  3:58 PM 11/19 based on student questions by email.


Take this offer seriously. If you don’t know what to do, talk with me before this weekend.
You change—and prove it by this work—and I will change the grades in the past, not just the grades on the current rubric.


Toward the bottom of your rubric you will see one of these “deals”:

·         Deal – Page #
For the people who misunderstand assertion is not truth and the best truth you can figure out is your best friend and best protector in life and jobs  – Click here to what may be the missing information for you and look at number


·         Deal – Copy But Correct 
For the people who misunderstand independent work– Click here to what may be the missing information for you and look at numbers
2 and 3

·         Deal – Find Truths AND Page Numbers
 For the people who started writing before they finished reading – Do this and you’ll also be able to prepare for many profs’ tests and many decisions.

If you do the deal carefully, your grade will be higher than the current grades on the rubric and on your earlier written assignments. Note: if I realize I did not write something necessary, I will place an announcement in the course that I will email all.

If you do any of these 3 deals, you must also do these things

1.       Sign out your paper

2.       Return all of these things

a.       The rubric

b.       Your original paper with its grade strip

c.        A new page with what is required if your deal is to Copy But Correct or New Find Truths and Page #s

3.       Return them

a.       by your 1st class day in the week beginning 11/20

b.       New OR by bringing it to me face-to-face before I leave campus at 2:00 PM on Monday 11/21 or Tuesday 11/22

If you have Deal – Page # on your rubric, you must do this:

1.       Figure out accurately what the missing or incorrect page numbers are
If I wrote where?, that means I don’t think that is on that page so figure that out.

·         If you are sure, show me.

·         If you are a wrong in the page number, do what is step 3.

2.       If something is not provable (the textbook does not support what you wrote), gently strike through those words with 1 line.
Strike through means you do this with your pencil/pen: strike through. I must still be able to read what you now realize is unsupported by the source.

3.       Using a different color of ink, strike through the incorrect page number and write the correct one.



If you have Deal – Copy But Correct, you must do this:

1.       Carefully figure out every place you half-copy plagiarized or changed the author’s words.

2.       On another sheet of paper, carefully copy what you said and change only what was an error.



If you have Deal – Find Truths AND Page Numbers, you must do this:

1.       You did not provide enough or the right information for the question asked so your job is to list each fact you should have used and its page number. Each fact must be:

·         over 3 words

·         and no more than 6 words.

2.       New Write your truths and page numbers on a separate sheet of paper.
Note: you will make more sense if you put the truths in the order you would say them to another person.

Essential to success with this Deal: Use the index at the back of the book to find information on the question you add. Look at the whole before you decide what you teach/write.
If you need coaching, ask.



Caution: Key fact that I discovered some student did not realize about evidence and about half-copy plagiarism

If your boss or your prof wants something different, do it. In this class and if you want to be OK in the real world, understand this:

·         If 1 below was not the rules of life, science wouldn’t work. If science wouldn’t work, neither will history.

·         If 2 and 3 below were not the rules of life and property in the US, people could fake that they had knowledge and thereby eventually destroy knowledge itself.

The information below is from the Tutorial on Evidence and Good Habits with the numbers added to the table.
How Citation and Quotation Marks Fits Together with Facts in Your Own Words and Facts in the Author’s Words

If you use a fact in the author’s words, citation is not enough; you must also use quotation marks.

What are the rules for citation and use of quotation marks? The rules vary depending upon whether you are writing:

·         A fact from the source in your own words

·         A fact in the author’s words (in other words, you are quoting):


They have the same requirements for citation (although your professor may choose not to require it for an assignment). They have different requirements for quotation marks.

What Kind of Fact Are You Using

Do You Need Citation (Page # etc.)?

Do You Need Quotation Marks (“”)?

A fact in your own words

Yes <Notice this.  1

No <Notice this.

A fact in the author’s words

Yes 2


Yes <Notice this.  3


Specifics about this course:

·         If you use the author’s words, you must use quotation marks. In this course, you may not plagiarize or “half-copy” plagiarize.

·         If you quote, you also must use the rules for quoting. The Brain Trick (above this in the tutorial) is your best way out. If you still have questions, please ask.