What’s on Learning Modules? (Everything you need in one spot.)

The Learning Modules page not only gives you access to whatever is listed in the List of Due Dates,  but gives you reminders of what we will be available on the date in the List of Due Dates.

For example, this screen was made before the course opened. At 8:00 AM, that first item will be gone and you will see the actual Getting Started module.  The word everything on the right side of the page means instructions, all content, all tools, and a discussion so you can ask (and answer) questions to get help and to get points.


< Another location for the List of Due Dates 

< Everything for Getting Started

< Another location for the General Discussion

< Everything for Unit 1



< Everything to meet the Respondus requirement

< Everything to learn about Evidence rules requirement

< Everything for the 3-Part Writing from content to the Discussion tool

< Everything for Unit 2




< Everything for Unit 3


<Everything for the Final Exam