What’s on the Course Menu

< When you come in the course, what you see 1st after Getting Started


<When you come in the course, what you see 1st during Getting Started

< Office hours, contact information – Ask! I am glad to help you.

< Use as a reference that is searchable using Ctrl-F (Ctrl with the F key)

<The only way to know when to prepare and what’s due and when

<Two methods to locate Course Materials (work you do in the course):

·         Learning Modules (Blackboard’s word)–Safer method—Provides everything you need: from study guides, instructions, lessons, to primaries—including all of the Blackboard tools you use from assignments to quizzes to discussions to exams

·         Shortcut to All Graded Work–Provides only Blackboard tools to submit work




<Blackboard tools that we use in this course

<Blackboard’s tool for public communication or public submission of writing by students.


< Blackboard’s tool for personal communication, such as feedback on your writing.


< Blackboard’s tool for public news.


< Blackboard’s tool for your personal view of your grades in the Gradebook.
Tip: Make sure that the upper right at My Grades shows Order by: Course order

<Additional information

·         Videos from Blackboard to help you with Blackboard’s tools

·         College links, such as to Disability Services.

·         History links, such as an introduction to the discipline of history, a searchable and sorted US Constitution, Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, and to a map website