Course Orientation (in Pictures)- Only 3 pages remaining for the test


How to Login and Succeed at this Course - Also sent by email before the Course opens. 2

Names on the Course Menu. 3

Tasks You Do During Getting Started. 4



How to Login and Succeed at this Course - Also sent by email before the Course opens.

1.       Go to


2.       You see a Login Here section on the left.
Before you login, notice the upper right section of the screen with the link Help & Resources. You will use that link to make sure your computer and browser work with this Blackboard.

FYI: I care about you all, but I am not a techy. WCJC’s IT can help (at Help & Resources). My 1 tech tip is—if your browser is not working or displaying what I say is there—try a different browser for a day.

3.       Follow the directions in the Login Here section for what you type in those 2 fields.

4.       Login on the Blackboard log in screen.


5.       On the left side of the new screen see the words My Courses.

6.       Look for our course and click on it.
Tip: the naming conventions for Blackboard courses have changed so you may have trouble guessing our course.

·         If you are taking US History I, look for the letters WWW 18 in the name

·         If you are taking US History II, look for the letters WWW 28 in the name

7.       What you see when you click on the course varies with when you log in.

·         If you log in in during Getting Started, Blackboard automatically displays Read Me First and the Getting Started Learning Module.

·         If you log in after Getting Started has ended, Blackboard displays the Home Page and a list of Announcements.
Tip: If you did not finish Getting Started work before the date in the List of Due Dates, email your instructor in Course Messages (Blackboard’s email) for what to do.

8.       When you are ready to start history work, click on Learning Modules on the Course Menu and then Unit 1.


Names on the Course Menu

Typed Names on Course Menu

Explanation of What Each Thing on the Course Menu Does

Home Page

When you come in the course, what you see 1st after Getting Started

Read Me First

When you come in the course, what you see 1st during Getting Started

Contact Instructor

Office hours, contact information – Ask! I am glad to help you.

Syllabus & Schedule

Use as a reference that is searchable using Ctrl-F (Ctrl with the F key)

List of Due Dates

The only way to know when to prepare and what’s due and when

Course Materials

Heading for the Two methods to locate Course Materials (work you do in the course):

Learning Modules

First method: Learning Modules (Blackboard’s name)–Safer method—Provides everything you need from study guides, instructions, lessons, to primaries—including all of the Blackboard tools you use from assignments to quizzes to discussions to exams

Shortcut to All Graded Work

Second method: Shortcut to All Graded Work–Provides only Blackboard tools to submit work

Course Materials

Heading for Blackboard tools that we use in this course


Blackboard’s tool for public communication or public submission of writing by students. Tip: Do not click on this link and hunt for the right one. Instead use a discussion inside of its Learning Module.

Course Messages (Email)

 Blackboard’s tool for personal communications, such as your prof sending you feedback on writing. Tip: This is the fastest way for you to reach me.


 Blackboard’s tool for public news. If something has long-term value to students, I will copy it to General Course Questions on the Learning Modules page.

My Grades

 Blackboard’s tool for your personal view of your grades in the Gradebook. Tip: Make sure that the upper right at My Grades shows Order by: Course order

Help and Resources

Heading for resources that Distance Education encourages us to provide or I provide for history

Help with Blackboard

Videos from Blackboard to help you with Blackboard’s tools

College/History Resources

Inside you find 2 folders:

·         College links, such as to Disability Services

·         History links, such as an introduction to the discipline of history, a searchable and sorted US Constitution, Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, and to a map website


Tasks You Do During Getting Started

The list of tasks for Getting Started is the same one in the Course Plan that you complete during Getting Started.



Take Syllabus Acknowledgement Quiz. (Caution: You must do it to stay in the course.)


Post your Introduction in the Discussion available from Getting Started.


Complete Your Course Plan for Your Grade and submit it in its Blackboard Assignment.


Complete the Syllabus & Success Assignment and submit it in its Blackboard Assignment.


Total for this Section of the Course