Course Tour + Steps You Do In Order

Caution: Keep this link open until you finish all the steps.

Purpose of the Tour

Many students are getting in trouble because they do not notice what is available for them. This tour is meant to try to solve that problem.

To stress this, I am not trying to get each of you to prepare to take a test on each thing you click on. I am trying to get you to notice what is there to help you.

How to Benefit from This Tour - Just clicking will not help. Recording to Help Yourself Will Help!

The things in the course are meant to give you what’s required, but also to help different students in a variety of different situations and with a variety of different backgrounds. The Tour is a way for you to notice:

·         What might help you

·         And what you must use.

Caution: This Tour also ends your saying you do not know—for example—where the Evidence Quizzes are.

This is what I was taught long ago (elementary/middle school) to do when I was observing things that I would continue to have access to.

·         You record on something that you can find again – like a cheap notebook or on paper you put in a folder that you use regularly.

·         As you observe, you write as you move through the required observations:

o   Where you are when you start to observe
(Example: Getting Started)

o   Where you are observing in that place 
(Example: If you are following Blackboard’s Table of Contents on the left of what Blackboard calls a Learning Module, it could be as simple as writing Top or Middle or Bottom)

o   What the name is of what you are observing (and you can use abbreviations meaningful to you—this is for you and no one else)
(Example: write the first few words of its name such as Avoiding Tech Prob)

o   What additional information might just be useful to you so you write a reminder to yourself.
(Example: Check this tech thing before I take a quiz!)

What to Look For in the Sections of the Course Listed Below

Blackboard allows instructors to be able to tell who has at least clicked on something. It is this button:

What Happens After You Click on the Mark Reviewed Button?

Blackboard does 2 things:

1.       It adds to the report listing everyone who clicked on that specific button. The report states not just the name but the time. – That’s how I can grade who did the tour and where they went.

2.       It changes the Marked Reviewed button to this button:
 -And that’s how you can tell you successfully clicked it so you earn those points

Where Do You Go Look for Items to Review in the Course?

You can find things you should know exist in these sections of the course. They are listed in the order they will be available on during the orientation to the course.

First: Getting Started on Lesson Units

What to read: everything in that folder

What actions to do: 

·         Mark Reviewed any item(s)

·          Submit your Course Plan before 10 AM on 2/6. Bring your print of your plan before the seating chart is complete on 2/6. Tip:  If you want it, there are instructions on using Turnitin from our WCJC department above that Turnitin Assignment.

Second: Unit 1 on the Lesson Unit

Before you start clicking on Unit 1, notice that there are labels for all of the things that will be on Lesson Units. Mark Reviewed on the label for where the information will be to review for the Final Exam.

All learning units are organized in similar ways.

What actions to do: 

·         Mark Reviewed any item(s)

o   the Unit 1 Study Guide at the top of Unit 1 and notice what is available to help you know what to read

o   In Chapter 1, notice
- What is at the top of this and all Blackboard chapters?
- What is at bottom of this and all Blackboard chapters? Also notice what is in the folder:

§  The primary in the folder that you must read by the date in the Course Schedule.

§  The Self-test that you can take after you read to see if you understood correctly. (When you take it, you can take the Full-test that you can take as many times as you wish with the highest score counting.)

Tip: Read this primary aloud as though you were announcing it to a group of Native Americans.

Third: Evidence Requirements available on the Course Menu or at the bottom of Lesson Units

What actions to do: 

·         Mark Reviewed any item(s)

·         Take the tutorial (5 Good-Habits for Evidence – Keys to Critical Thinking) to see what you know and do not know. It has 5 questions to help you if you understand correctly.

·         Try Evidence Quiz 1

Fourth: Required Concepts available on the Course Menu or at the bottom of Lesson Unit.

What actions to do: 

·         Mark Reviewed any item(s)

·         Concepts – notice the list of concepts, the dictionary, and the online Constitution.

Fifth, Writings with Primaries are available on the Course Menu or at the bottom of Lesson Unit.

The labels showing where the two writings using primaries are. Each folder contains all you need for the assignment:

Mark Reviewed on both labels. Read the labels before you click.