How to Have No Idea What to Do Where and When—and Think You Are Saving Time

The Director of Distance Education at WCJC encourages students to avoid Global Navigation.

The students I have seen fail horribly used this tool in the upper right area next to the log out button. Why? Because these students think that they can click and go. They skip the instructions so they frequently fail and sometimes do work they did not need to do.

Caution: Also Blackboard does not record that you are in the class so—as far as your teacher knows—you are not in the course.

Open Global Navigation Window


1.       Login on the Blackboard log in screen

2.       On the left side of the new screen see the words My Courses.

3.       Look for our course and click on it.

·         If you login in during Getting Started, Blackboard displays Read Me First and the Getting Started Learning Module.

·         If you login after Getting Started, Blackboard displays the Home Page and a list of Announcements.

4.       When you are ready to start history work , click on Learning Modules on the Course Menu and then Unit 1