Answers to Questions You Might Have about Evidence Requirements

Possible Questions You Might Have

A Quick Answer

Will this help me in the real world?

I have had a lot of students who thought thatófor exampleóplagiarism was OK until I asked them if anyone would pay money for plagiarized work.

No One Would Pay You (or Employ You) if Evidence Doesn't Matter to You

Iíve always made good grades so I already know this, right?

Since 2011 some very smart students said they didnít know this before.

How Many Students Did Not Recognize These Basic Requirements Prior to Feedback on Their Factual Work

Iíve always made good grades so Iíll earn a high grade again, right?

I will be happy for you if you do, but this might be different so you want to learn to do this method too.

How this method of grading is like the world of work