Overview of Evidence Requirements

Evidence Requirements provides resources so that, whatever your experience—or lack of experience—with evidence, you can still succeed.

Evidence Requirements begins with:

·         This overview

·         A link to answer common questions students have had

·         A link to a tutorial about the 5 Good Habits for Evidence

·         Tips for using evidence quizzes beginning with Evidence Quiz 1. The tips include the password for Evidence Quizzes and what will be on each quiz. Caution: be sure to look at this link.

·         Evidence Quiz 1

From Evidence Quiz 2 to 4, you see this pattern:

·         A link with new information about evidence

·         A quiz that covers the new information plus questions from the prior quiz

From Evidence Quiz 5 to 8, you only see the links for new information about evidence. With Blackboard, a quiz is only visible to students when they can actually take it. Quizzes 5 to 8 start with the starting date for Unit 2 and will be visible then.

At the end you see what Blackboard calls an “Item.” It allows a professor to insert a one-sentence prompt to help you. This item says ***Resources You May Need*** and it is followed by:

·         Definitions that may help you

·         Copies of pages from the Chicago Manual of Style, the standards manual for history.
Tip: It includes examples of “half-copy” plagiarism—something that students frequently do if they have their source open.

o   When you pick up a pen or touch the keyboard, close the source. (Stick something at the page to find it easily, but do not leave the source open.)

o   When you think you are through reading, close the source and pick up your pen or touch your keyboard.

Think of open/close as an exercise program for your brain.



Tip: about Blackboard and how it opens a webpage or link so that the webpage  covers the entire screen

To see the Blackboard screen again you can:

·         If you have finished reading or using the webpage, close the webpage by clicking the close button on the upper right part of the screen.

·         If you need to use the webpage to complete your tasks, drag the tab or window away and click the minimize button on the upper right part of the screen to reduce the window to a size you like.



Tip: All Evidence Quizzes use the same password:

         onetimeonly    (No spaces and no capital letters.)