Understanding Feedback for the Introductory Comparison.


Some of you may need all links and some may need only one.


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You can earn up to 20 points extra credit:

1.       If you go look carefully at these specifics
Note: If you donít prepare, the maximum is 10 points extra credit.

2.       If you arrange to talk to me briefly about anything you donít understand.


The Good Habits for Evidence

All of the Good Habits for Evidence that you used at the beginning Ė You donít have to go to Getting Started to see it. You can just click here.

How to get specifics on what you need to do based on your marked paper

This link is for another purpose but it has information that some of you need.

The marks on your papers areómost of the time--key words. You look in the left column for those key words (such as the word Chicago) or phrase (such as the phrase Changed words). That row tells you both an explanation of the problem and where you go to get information.

How are the points calculated for my grade on the 50-point Comparison

What Each Criteria (Each Row) of the Rubric Is Worth on a 20-Point Comparison

The rubric and how it works

The Rubric and What Each Criteria (Each Row) Is Worth

Reminders from the Good Habits for Evidence

How the Instructor Grades Alters Responsibility to Match the World of Work


Would Anyone Pay You for Work Contrary to the 5 Good Habits for Evidence?


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