How Does Your Instructor Try to Signal You about Dangers and Benefits

Ways I try to signal you about information:

I also use Reminder to signal that something was covered before and you need to do it now. I use the word Example for my giving you a specific case in hopes of making things clearer.


Tip: You need to use two documents together:

  • The plan you figure out for your grade (what work you plan to do)
  • The Course Schedule (when you need to do it)

There are 3 ways and you must do what is best for you:

1.    Mark the dates from the Course Schedule on Your Plan.

2.    Check off the items you chose in Your Plan on Your Schedule. If you know you want to do san extra credit, you can just

3.    Put the 2 side by side. Examples:

·         Put them together on a wall or bulletin board that you see every day

·         Put them side by side in a binder that you use every day.


Caution:  Do you think you will remember? The only people I have met who trust human memory are people who have never studied human memory.



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