How to Use Quizzes to Preview and Review the Chapter

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very rough notes/lists of issues:


         Considering doing it as text and with a video there for those who prefer my talking through it.


         Be sure pop out this is a different way to think about quizzes.


         10 question sets each with 1 to 6 possible questions.


Break apart this

1.       Without a loss in points, these quizzes let you measure what you know (and donít need to study) and donít know (and must study). You can use the quiz results so you know what you need to read and figure out. How can it be without a loss in points? Quiz questions are extra credit and are only worth .01 points each or .1 for all 10 questions (a tiny amount in a 1000 point course). You can take it as many times as you want (including right before the exam as a Review), and the highest score counts.

2.       Quizzes are the source of the content of the questions on the Unit exam. How does that work? Each quiz has 10 questions, but most have 3 or more possible related questions and Blackboard displays them randomly. On the exam itself, some questions will be the same as the quiz questions, but some will be short answer or matching and some will be essay.



Donít worry about the grade on the quizzes, Why?

As long as the grade is not 0 you get the 2 points (at 15 chapter quizzes, thatís a possible 30 points extra credit for the semester).

The best odds for high grades are if you take the quizzes enough to see most of the questions and you


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