How to See Your Question and Answer for a Unit Written Exam

How to see (and copy if you wish) what you submitted for a Unit Written Exam

From My Grades (steps provided by a very kind student)

To view what you wrote for the Unit 1 Written Exam do the following steps:

1.      Click on My Grades

2.      Then Click on 1302 Unit 1 Written Exam in "My Grades" - This should be in Blue Bold Text

3.      Then click on the ! point in the yellow circle to view what you wrote for the exam 


From the Unit Itself

1.      Click on Learning Units & All Assignments

4.      Click on the Unit (such as Unit 1)

5.      Scroll down to the written exam (such as Unit 1 Written Exam).

6.      Click on it.

7.      Click on Begin

8.      Click on View All Attempts.

9.      Click on the icon for an exam that does not yet have a grade or on 1.11    for the attempt. (Reminder: 1.11 is a temporary placeholder for the grade.)


10.  Blackboard shows you your question and answer.

11.  If you want to copy them into a Word document so you can see it easily when we talk OR so you can do the steps to understand why you were marked as not following one or more of the 5 Good Habits for Evidence, then highlight the question and your answer and then select Copy and Paste. (The buttons or control keys for Copy and Paste vary with your computer.)