Step 4 to Register InQuizitive

Instructions to Register InQuizitive So That It Records Grades in Blackboard

Stay in the folder “Registration of InQuizitive” until you have answered at least a few questions in InQuizitive.

If you need help, just ask by email. On Monday, Wednesday, Friday, you can also call me during office hours at 281.239.1577.


You will need:

·         Your name as it is in Banner

·         The email that WCJC assigned to you

If you do not know either or both of these things, email your instructor.  


Click on the link “How to Register InQuizitive and Begin with Chapter 1” below these Instructions.

When you click, it should open in a new window.  Tip: Keep it open.


Follow carefully the steps in “How to Register InQuizitive and Begin with Chapter 1.”

(These are instructions from Norton that I have modified based on guidance from them about doing this in Blackboard.)


After you have registered, immediately leave the link at the Norton click on the link to Chapter 1 InQuizitive and try answering questions.

Do not worry about the grade.

Tip: Here is how you find Chapter 1 InQuizitive:

·         During Getting Started, Chapter 1 InQuizitive is in this folder.

·         After Getting Started, your instructor
- Moves Chapter 1 InQuizitive to the actual chapter (Click on Unit 1 and then Chapter 1.)
- Posts a Caution statement in this folder saying that.
Tip: Any time you see the word Caution in the table of contents, be sure to click on it.


Click on Messages on the left menu. Tell me to confirm that InQuizitive has successfully entered your activity in My Grades in Blackboard.

Tip: If you are unaccustomed to Blackboard Messages, look for the name Connie Bibus (Instructor) to be sure the message reaches me.

When you have answered enough questions (usually about 33 to 37%), click on My Grades (on the left side of the Blackboard screen) and scroll down to see if the percentage shows up.