Step 4 to Register InQuizitive – Confirming that You Registered Correctly


When you have answered enough questions (usually about 33 to 37%), click on My Grades (on the left side of the Blackboard screen) and scroll down to see if the percentage shows up. For example, if you registered correctly and InQuizitive is showing you have a 39, then you should see 39 where the green arrow on the right is pointing.

If you don’t see a number there, then see the tips in that green box.



What you do next:

·         If you do see the percentage at My Grades as is shown above, click on Messages on the left menu. In Messages, look for the name Connie Bibus (Instructor) to be sure the message reaches me. Put these words in the subject line “I see the grade for Chapter 1 InQuizitive at My Grades.”
I will go check it out and—if there is a problem—with email you. If all is well, I’ll enter the 10 points for completing registration of InQuizitive.

·         If you do not see that percentage, email me. I will email you back and post an announcement of how Norton told me how to fix the problem.