Click here to see if anybody would pay you for work that did not meet the 5 Good Habits for Evidence? If no one would pay you, then why not change to habits that match the future you want?


This Rubric is color-coded so you can see which of the 5 Good Habits for Evidence is covered in the “F” and “D” columns:

1.       Reliable Sources Only  
Tip: Your memory and your assumptions and what your cousin told you are not a reliable source. The question is did the page of the source you cited provide evidence that your statement was accurate as written?

2.       Factual Accuracy That You Verify with the Reliable Source Before You Write
Tip: Is this page about the question you are answering?

3.       Factual Accuracy That Is Verifiable for Every Statement You Make
Tips: Did you cite a specific (1 page) page for every fact in your own words and every fact in the author’s words (that is, a quotation). Would a reasonable person who used a reliable dictionary and who compared your words with what the author wrote think you read accurately?

4.       No “Half-Copy” Plagiarism or “Patchwriting”
Tip: Did you just type the author’s words without quotation marks (“”) and move them around or use the author’s sentence structure and just swap out a few words that you think are synonyms?

5.       Quotation Changes Revealed Clearly 
Tip: Did you place in quotation marks (“”) the author’s words but changed them without revealing those changes so that you changed the author’s meaning or the author looked grammatically incorrect?


You must follow the 5 Good Habits for Evidence to have the possibility of making a “C” or “B” or “A.” If you do not follow the 5 Good Habits for Evidence as marked in the “F” and “D” columns, your highest possible grade for content out of 20 points is 11.9 for an “F” and 13.9 for a “D.”


The top of the form shows in italic the words Writing Assignment and the symbol for number #. For example, the Unit Written Exams are worth 40 points so the Writing Assignment itself is worth 20 points and its Good Habits for Evidence is worth 20 points.



Writing Assignment___ out of # points for content. Its Good Habits for Evidence __ out of #.




"F" Paper Criteria

"D" Paper Criteria

"C" Paper Criteria

"B" Paper Criteria

"A" Paper Criteria



Reading FOR Evidence (60%)

Assumed. Used an unreliable source or an incorrect or incomplete part of the source required for the question asked.

Misread, read passively, or made errors such as cherry-picking facts or embellishing facts.

Accurately read the parts, but did not try to evaluate or to synthesize the interconnections.

Accurately read the parts and analyzed each one. Tried to evaluate and synthesize interconnections.

Accurately read the parts and analyzed each one. Evaluated and synthesized the interconnections.



Writing WITH Evidence (30%)

Wrote assumptions. Used "" inaccurately and changed meaning. Did not answer all parts of the question.  Did not use endnotes. Did not cite accurately and according to the directions.

Wrote passively. Plagiarized or did “half-copy” plagiarism (also called “patchwrite”). Used "" inaccurately, including making the author's sentences look grammatically incorrect.

Only summarized separately each of the parts of the question, but did not cover interconnections.

Revealed each part and covered some interconnections. Provided few examples.

Understood each part and revealed the parts’ interconnections. Provided clear and representative examples.



Following Directions for Evidence (5%)

Did not follow directions above or with the questions (such as maximum length).

Did not follow directions.

Followed the directions. 

Followed the directions carefully.

Followed the directions exactly.



Mechanics (Language and Punctuation) (5%)

Many mechanical errors.

Several mechanical errors.

Two or more mechanical errors.

One or more mechanical errors.

No more than one minor mechanical error.















0 or 20 for Good Habits














Grade for its Good Habits for Evidence:

*  0 = If any marks in “D” or “F”

*20 = If no marks in “D” or “F” 


Grade for the content: Either “C” or “B” or “A” as marked

If you made a “C” or “B” or “A,” you had no marks in the “D” or “F” columns.



1.        For points, sign this form below and return it and your attached writing to me within one week of the day you received it

2.        To take both paper and rubric with you, you must sign them out and return them with one week. If you do not return both, you receive 0 points. Why does the instructor keep both? Many reasons, including seeing your written work over time so I can try to help you.

3.        To understand marks in the rubric and in the left margin on your paper, you must do what I did when I graded. Compare side by side your words with the textbook pages you cited or should have cited.
Notice the brief words in the left margin next to lines in your paper. They refer to the statements in the rubric:

·         “F” column: assumed (reading/writing), unreliable, incorrect, incomplete, “”-meaning, not ?, not endnotes, not cite

·         “D” column: read-passive, cherry-pick, embellish, write-passive, “half-copy,” “”-incorrect, “”-author

·         Both “F” and “D” columns: directions, mechanics

4.        If you do not understand the feedback or want help in developing different habits, I will be glad to help you.

__________________________________________________________________                ____________

Your signature that you have understand this, especially number 4                                                                    Date




# For the Content for the assignment, I try to record the maximum points for each student. Examples:

·         If all of the 4 Requirements (Reading FOR Evidence, Writing WITH Evidence, Following Directions for Evidence, and Mechanics) have the same level of grade (such as a mid-B),
then I enter a mid-B for Content. (An Excel spreadsheet shows the value for me to use.)

·         If the 4 Requirements vary in the grade (such as an A for Reading FOR Evidence and a C for the other 3 Requirements,
then I use an Excel spreadsheet to enter a specific value for an A for Reading and a C for the others and then add the Total points for Content.