1st Primary ___ points out of 10 points for content. Its Good Habits for Evidence __ out of 10 points.


"F" Paper Criteria

"D" Paper Criteria

"C" Paper Criteria

"B" Paper Criteria

"A" Paper Criteria


Reading FOR Evidence (60%)

1: Used an unreliable source.  2: Used an incorrect or incomplete part of the source required for the question asked.    

2&3: Assumed.

2: Misread, read passively.  

3: Made errors such as cherry-picking facts or embellishing facts.

Accurately read the parts, but did not try to evaluate or to synthesize the interconnections.

Accurately read the parts and analyzed each one. Tried to evaluate and synthesize interconnections.

Accurately read the parts and analyzed each one. Evaluated and synthesized the interconnections.


Writing WITH Evidence (30%)

2: Did not answer all parts of the question.  2&3: Wrote assumptions.   3: Did not cite accurately and according to the directions. 5. Used "" inaccurately and changed meaning.

2. Wrote passively.

4. Plagiarized or did “half-copy” plagiarism (also called “patchwrite”). 5. Used "" inaccurately, including making the author's sentences look grammatically incorrect.

Only summarized separately each of the parts of the question, but did not cover interconnections.

Revealed each part and covered some interconnections. Provided few examples.

Understood each part and revealed the parts’ interconnections. Provided clear and representative examples.


Following Directions for Evidence (5%)

Did not follow directions above or with the questions (such as maximum length).

Did not follow directions.

Followed the directions. 

Followed the directions carefully.

Followed the directions exactly.


Mechanics (Language and Punctuation) (5%)

Many mechanical errors.

Several mechanical errors.

Two or more mechanical errors.

One or more mechanical errors.

No more than one minor error.















                               0 or full points for Good Habits














Grade for its Good Habits for Evidence:

*  0 = If any marks in “D” or “F”

*  full points = If no marks in “D” or “F” 


Grade for the content: Either “C” or “B” or “A” as marked

If you made a “C” or “B” or “A,” you also had no marks in the “D” or “F” columns.



If there are marks in the “D” or“F” columns, notice the #. Place an X to the left of the # of the Habit you need to improve.


1. Reliable Sources Only 


2. Factual Accuracy That You Verify with the Reliable Source Before You Write


3. Factual Accuracy That Is Verifiable for Every Statement You Make


4. No “Half-Copy” Plagiarism or “Patchwriting”


5. Quotation Changes Revealed Clearly