WHY CAN’T I GET BACK IN TO THE ESSAY WHEN THE PROMPT SAYS “This Test can be saved and resumed later.

Because of some technical difficulties, instructors had to change some settings. I made those changes, including turning off a setting called Force Completion.

With this setting Blackboard displays the prompt: “This Test can be saved and resumed later.” Blackboard provides helpful details for this prompt with the version of Blackboard that WCJC began to use in January 2014; however, make sure you understand these three things before you decide to try resuming later:

  1. The timer continues to run all the time you are out of the test.
  2. This test is set up to “save and submit automatically when the time expires.”
  3. When you decide to “resume,” your time may already be up and Blackboard may have already submitted the test and you can’t come back in.

A safer practice is that you do not leave any test (quiz or exam) until you are done. Also save frequently as you work.


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