How can I find all the essay topics I have to answer for each Unit essay exam?

As with most things in this course, you can reach most things in two ways so you choose the method that works best for you. With essays, you can find the possible topics:

·         At the top section of the webpage for each Unit (a link called Everything You Need for This Unit)

·         Essay Topics (from the left-hand menu)

How can I find every possible objective question I have to answer for each Unit objective exam?

In the webpage for each Unit, you find printable versions of the "check your knowledge" quizzes. This provides you a fast place to record stuff—like the answers or what you missed or where you read so you got it straight. It also provides


The "check your knowledge" quizzes at Quizzes & Exams

·         Reveal EVERY fact you have to know for the objective exam.

·         Tell you what you don't know and do know. If you miss something, go read that content in our textbook AND no other source.



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